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Twisted Sister
Season 2, Episode 11-A
Episode name pun on: The band, Twisted Sister
Bunny from the PowerPuff Girls
Airdate: May 26, 2000
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"Just Desserts"
"Cover Up"


Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, as they appear in this episode.

The Powerpuff Girls are getting tired of having to save the day all the time, so they decide to create a new Powerpuff Girl. Unfortunately, they do not have the right ingredients so they use artificial sweetener instead of sugar, dirt and twigs instead of spices and they put in what they think is nice such as;

  • Crayons, books, lizards, flowers, computers, footballs, stuffed animals, calculators, a mackerel, more flowers, a compass, boxing gloves, a ribbon, art, bandaids, a smiley face, a globe and a knuckle sandwich (Buttercup punches the mixture).

Finally they add the accidental dose of Chemical X. The mixture explodes like the mixture in the opening sequence and it creates a hideously oversized girl. The girls introduce themselves and try to think of a name since the girl can't speak very well. Buttercup named her Braces at first, but Blossom disagrees with her idea. Eventually, Bubbles finally comes up with Bunny. The girls tell Bunny what she has to do and they send her off to fight crime while they try and relax.

However, Bunny misunderstands what she needs to do when being told to throw away criminals (anyone who has a gun) and ends up throwing the police officers in jail and letting the criminals run free. The girls see her on the news and when they find her, they tell her that she has been bad and is not cut out to be a Powerpuff Girl. Upset, Bunny flies away.

Straight away, the girls are surrounded by all the criminals and they are beaten up by them. Up on a ledge out at sea, Bunny hears their cries and flies to the rescue, attacking all of the criminals and shouting that she has done good. But just then, her body starts to wobble and white light streaks out of her. Due to her instability, she explodes, leaving behind a part of her dress. The Powerpuff Girls mourn their loss, knowing that Bunny was good and on this one occasion, they were the ones that were bad.

"And so, for the first and final time, the day is saved thanks to Powerpuff Bunny", at which point the emotional Narrator can't continue and asks to go to commercial.


[The Girls are in the lab about to make a fourth Powerpuff Girl with a pot and a book entitled How I Did It]
Blossom: Now, let's see. The first thing we need is sugar.
Bubbles: I'll get it. (takes off)
Blossom: And spice.
Buttercup: I'm on it.
Blossom: Next you need -
[Bubbles returns with sweet powder]
Bubbles: I couldn't find any sugar, but I did find artificial sweetener.
Blossom: That's okay. Next you need.
[Buttercup returns with dirt, twigs and leaves]
Buttercup: I didn't know where to get spices, so I got dirt and twigs and stuff.
Blossom: Well, that's kind of like spices. Put it in. Now, next you need everything nice!
Girls: Oh, boy!
[The Girls take off and put various items in the pot]
Bubbles: Crayons are nice.
Blossom: Books are nice.
Buttercup: Lizards are nice.
Bubbles: I like flowers.
Blossom: Computers are good.
Buttercup: A football.
Bubbles: Stuffed animals.
Blossom: A calculator.
Buttercup: A mackarel.
Bubbles: More flowers.
Blossom: A compass.
Buttercup: Boxing gloves.
Bubbles: Ribbons.
Blossom: Art.
Buttercup: Band-aids.
Bubbles: A smiley face.
Blossom: A globe.
Buttercup: A knuckle sandwich.
Blossom: (looks back into the book) Okay. The final and most important step is to accidentally add Chemical X to the concoction.
[The Girls look up with shocked expressions on their faces and streak away, then Blossom returns with a beacon of Chemical X]
Blossom: (play-acting) Oh, look at what I found, girls. Chemical X.
Bubbles: (play-acting) Be careful with that Chemical X.
Buttercup: (play-acting) Yes, Blossom. Whatever you do, do not drop that Chemical X.
Blossom: (play-acting) Don't worry. I wo - ("accidentally" drops the Chemical X in the pot) Whoops. I accidentally dropped the Chemical X and it fell into the concoction.
Girls: (play-acting) Oh, no.
[Within seconds, the Girls look eagerly into their concoction that bubbles and explodes sending them into the wall, and they awake to find their creation not quite so perfect]

Narrator: (crying) Oh, it's so sad, I can't take it! And so for the first... and final time, the day is saved. Thanks to Powerpuff Bunny.
Bunny: Powawul! (Powerful!)
Narrator: (crying) Why? (crying) Oh, go to a commercial!



  • When the camera zooms out on the girls looming over the section of Bunny's dress, all of the criminals have seemingly vanished.
  • When Blossom says "Yes, bad..." to Bunny, the bar on Bubbles' dress disappears.


  • This is one of the two episodes which have a bad ending. The other being Custody Battle
    • In this episode, Bunny dies. In Custody Battle, the episode ends with the Narrator saying that "The day is doomed" rather than being saved.
  • This is the second episode to have a character die in the show (the first being The Rowdyruff Boys, but they were later resurrected by Him), which is Bunny.

    "She was good after all, we were the ones who were bad"

  • This is the one of the episodes ending with the narrator saying his catchphrase differently "And so for the first...and final time, the day is saved, thanks to Powerpuff Bunny."
  • This is one of two episodes where the Gangreen Gang are shown to be truly dangerous instead of just teenaged hoodlums (the first being Buttercrush where Snake tries to kill Bubbles and Blossom by dunking them in acid). In this episode, Ace threatens a man with a knife unless he hands over his watch.
  • The Villains from Powerpuff Bluff make a cameo when the news report shows the criminals escaping.
  • The episode's title is a reference to the American rock band "Twisted Sister."
  • This is one of Craig McCracken's ten favorite episodes.
  • In Forced Kin Bubbles does not want to ask help from others after being outmatched by an alien force. However, in this episode she agrees when Buttercup said that they need help after doing numerous tasks in saving Townsville.
  • This episode shows the girls extremely exhausted for a second time after Too Pooped to Puff
  • The narrator (tearfully) breaks the fourth wall in this episode when he said "Go to a commercial."

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