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February 11, 2013
The PPG Wiki Chat is now open for all visitors. Please read the Rules before joining.


January 29, 2013
Yatta! The Powerpuff Girls Wiki is now available in Japanese. Say Konnichiwa to the Japanese version at
~~LDEJRuff~~ 20:24, September 19, 2012 (UTC)
August 14, 2012
The new Cartoon Network footer for the wikia main pages was added. Thanks to Ricky Spanish for letting us know about it.
Powermarkw 03:36, August 15, 2012 (UTC)
May 28, 2012
I've been deleting the articles marked and blocked some troll ips. Also don't add Non-oficcial PPGs to real articles, it goes against Wikia guidelines, add them ONLY IN BLOG POSTS AND YOUR USER PAGE ONLY!. For anyone who would like to make Powerpuff fan characters and tell info about that, there's a Wiki for that. The Powerpuff Girls Fanon Wiki.
Naoki2534 03:37, May 29, 2012 (UTC)
May 9, 2012
Sorry for not being here for the past two months, but I had to take care of some things. First of all, I had to appeal on dA, then I learned that a forum I sometimes go to is closed, and now I learn that a user who currently uses the IP Address has added pages to non-Powerpuff Girls characters. I blocked the IP so the user can't add anymore pages or edit the Wiki. Anyways, I'm back.
~~LDEJRuff 21:59 9 May, 2012 (UTC)
January 18, 2011
For anyone who would like to make Powerpuff fan characters and tell info about that, there's a Wiki for that.
The Powerpuff Girls Fanon Wiki
Feel free to go if you'd like.
~~LDEJRuff~~ (see what I've contributed) 0:33, 18 January 2011 (EDT)
June 27, 2010
Oh, I forgot to mention this. When starting an episode article, be sure to add the following template at the top of the article:
Infobox episode
And also, be sure to put the article under the "Episodes" category.
~~LDEJRuff~~ (see what I've contributed) 5:08, 25 June 2010 (EDT)
BTW, one little minor note: If you want to find a good screenshot from an episode, either go to a video page and press the "Print Screen" Button (or "Shift"+"3" if you're using a Mac computer), or go to the archives of's screenshot page.
~~LDEJRuff~~ (see what I've contributed) 7:46, 25 June 2010 (EDT)
June 27, 2010
Hello, everyone. LDEJRuff here. I think I went a little too far when I said that this wiki was protected for half a year last March, and that was a pretty unfair thing that I did. Well, here's some good news. Starting tomorrow, all protected articles are to be unprotected early. However, some templates and screen shots from the series are still protected.

However, let me inform you that I will start making an article that has some rules, and a few rules will include that no nonsense will be in the articles, and that no images from any non-Powerpuff-related programming (including the Total Drama series) will be on the wiki's articles. If you feel like doing that, then please do so on my forum, thank you. Any rule breaking, and the contributor will be blocked for a certain amount of time.

I hope that what I did for you all is fair enough, and that anyone will start editing in this wiki again. And, once I find a large-enough image of Townsville for the Wiki's background, I hope that you'll like the wiki even more. So, good luck.
~~LDEJRuff~~ (see what I've contributed) 4:04, 25 June 2010 (EDT)

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